Few Words About Us

eQuipping for eMinistry is a place for any Campus Crusade for Christ staff to find and share easily-understood, transferable resources and best practices to assist them in their ministry through the use of technology.

What We Do

This website if specifically for those wanting an appointment with one of our 1-2-1 lab instructors on the first Tuesday of each month. We meet over the lunch hour in the East Main conference room. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF THE 15-MINUTE SLOTS FOR MARCH 6TH. Your instructor might contact you before the lab, if needed, so your time will be productive.


Troy Wolbrink

Troy is the developer for TntMPD and is also familiar with Word, Outlook, and Access.

Steve Begin

Steve would especially like to help you leverage Facebook for ministry. He can also help you with desktop applications.

Mike Lee

Mike cn help you with security, Macs, phones, operating systems, Microsoft Office, TntMPD, advanced Outlook, and much more.

Bob MacLeod

I can help you with: TntMPD, Excel, Word,presentations, budgeting, writing, frugality, and time management.

Doug Weiss

Doug can help you with Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, MailChimp, Digital Strategy, Video production, Google Analytics, HootSuite, Macs,and iPhones.

Sus Schmitt

I can help you with: Wordpress TntMPD Word, Excel PowerPoint Picasa Gimp and Paint.net Using a blog as a website Android smartphone Social networks and dashboards MailChimp newsletters & feeds Outlook & newsletters PCs GCX forums Staff Web CCC giving sites Google apps YouTube some HTML Kindle Fire

Monica Begin

Monica can help with blogging on Wordpress, Blogger, and Posterous. She can also help with Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, HootSuite, and TweetDeck.

Mrs. Andi Mitchell

Photoshop , Illustrator Wordpress Facebook Mac, some PC Google Docs Staff Web Some TntMPD Some Outlook General smartphones

Steve Begin

I'd love to help you leverage Facebook in ministry and other social networking. I'm in JESUS Film IT so I also know desktop apps, system administration and hardware support.

David Clow

I'm on the Advisory Team for GCX2 and can help you with starting your website. I also know some Wordpress and MailChimp.

Katie Bircham

Facebook Twitter Tweetdeck Newsletters Navigating GCX

Mike Waid

Mike can help you with Constant Contact, Skype, Microsoft Office, Macs, and iPhones, Google apps, and People Soft. He can also help you with syncing TntMPD and MailChimp.